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Background Information Tsavo National Park (East) has got an area of 11,747km2 and home to the “Big Five” (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo). Other animals present are the fringe – eared oryx gerenuks, lesser kudu, cheetahs, eland, dikdik, zebra, impala, gazelle, giraffes etc. Game can easily be seen at the various waterholes in the park or the lodge waterholes. With over 500 species, birdlife is equally diverse, especially along the rivers and around the dams or water holes. Tsavo is on a migration corridor from the Coast and migrants from other continents have been recorded. Bird species include starlings, weaverbirds, kingfishers hornbills’ secretary bird and other raptors, rollers, herons, and stocks.

The Park has a beautiful landscape of plains, rocky ridges and outcrops. Due to its size the park is among the worlds biodiversity strongholds. The park has diverse habitats. Though the vegetation can generally be categorized as bushed grassland, the Park has open plains alternating with savanna bush and acacia scrub and woodlands. There are also belts of riverine vegetation. Most large herbivores and carnivores are adequately represented in the park.

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