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Background Information 

The Aberdare National Park is part of the Aberdare Mountain Range, a fascinating region of Kenya. According to traditional Kikuyu folklore they are one of the homes of Ngai (God). The total area of the park is 767 km2. The park boundary roughly runs along the 10,000ft contour. The topography is diverse, Mountain ranges and peaks soar to around 14,000ft., giving way to canyon like V- shaped valleys that give way to gentler valleys separated by steep hills and rocky outcrops. Streams and rivers cascade down through spectacular waterfalls. The park is an important water catchment providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers and part of central rift and northern drainage basins. Above the forest is a belt of bamboo, a favourite haunt of the Bongo, a rare and elusive forest antelope. At 10,000ft. The bamboo gives way to moorland, home to eland, spotted and melanistic serval cats. Other features are the giant alpine varieties of lobelia, groundsel and heather.Animal life is most abundant in the forest zone. Elephants, buffalo, bongo and black rhino among others represent large mammals. Carnivores include lion and leopard, whereas baboon, black and white colobus and sykes monkeys represent primates.

* Elephants;

* Black rhinos in salient and Northern Aberdares;

* Tree-tops and parks associated with the UK royal family;

* The Kimathi Hideout, The Legendary Mau Mau General;

* Trout fishing in ice cold Gura Karuru and Chania rivers; and

* Night viewing of wildlife at the Ark (built like the Ark of Noah) & Treetops.

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