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Background Information 

The equatorial African mountains may be envisaged as an archipelago of small islands of cool climate separated by extensive warm lowlands. Mt. Kenya rises out of a sea of savannah grassland to straddle the equator as the second highest mountain in Africa. It is an extinct central-type volcano that last erupted 3.5 million years ago. It built up during the great tectonic disturbance that also produced the nearby Rift Valley. It is the primary water catchment area for Kenya, supplying the major rivers of the Tana to the south and the Ewaso Ngiro to the north. The peaks are often covered with snow and 11 permanent glaciers.

On Mt. Kenya the temperature falls by an average of 5 C per 1000 vertical metres (3,421 ft). Because of the prevailing winds from the Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya, the eastern and southeastern slopes of the mountain are the wettest. By the time the air reaches elevations above 4000 m (13,684 ft), most of the moisture has been extracted and the highest areas are characteristically very dry.

Cheetah and Lion have been spotted in the Alpine area but Leopard are the only large carnivores common in the high alpine. They feast off the Groove-tooth rat and the rock hyrax. They regularly traverse high passes in their wanderings and as a matter of fact, they have been seen near the summit of Pt. Lenana.

There are several small mammals found in this zone that have lovely names Groove-tooth Rats are likely to be seen scurrying along their well worn paths during the day. The nighttime chattering of the furry tailed African Dormouse can be heard in some of the huts. The Pigmy Shrew, the Mole Rat, the Striped Tree Mouse, the Harsh-Furred Mouse and the Four Striped Grass Mouse can also be sighted in the Alpine grassy areas.

Meru has over 300 species of birds and is famous as the setting for Joy Adamson’s book “Born Free”, the story of the Adamson’s life and research amongst lion and Cheetah. “Elsa” the lioness was the most well-known and her grave is marked here.

Meru is a popular tourist destination today


  • Roads: 175 Kms from Nairobi, the park can be reached on Nanyuki-Isiolo road via Sirimon Track or Nyeri-Nanyuki road near Naro Moru. The park is also reachable via Chogoria on the Embu – Meru road, about 150km north of Nairobi.
  • Airstrips: The closest commercial airstrip to the park is at Nanyuki


  • Narumoru Gate
  • Sirimon Gate
  • Marania Gate
  • Chogoria Gate
  • Mawingu Gate
  • Kamweti Gate
  • Kihari Gate


  • 2800
  • East of the Rift Valley. Mt. Kenya lies about 140 km North, North-East of Nairobi with its Northern flanks across the Equator


  • Climate, flora and fauna on Mt. Kenya varies with altitude


  • At present the park does not operate the Safari Card system. Entry is by cash only.


  • Pristine wilderness, lakes, tarns, glaciers and peaks of great beauty, geological variety, forest, mineral springs, rare and endangered species of animals, High altitude adapted plains game, Unique montane and alpine vegetation with 11 species of endemic plants.


  • Include Elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, suni, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bushbucks, water buck and Elands. Animas rarely seen include leopard, bongo, giant forest hog and rhino.


  • Over 130 bird species have been recorded.


  • KWS Self – Catering Accommodation:
    • Batian Guesthouse
    • Serena Mt Kenya Lodge
    • Sirimon Bandas
  • Camping Facilities
    • Kinondoni, Road Head, Mintos Hut & Campsite, Narumoru Gate, Met Station, Mackinders Campsite, Mackinders, Austrian Hut, Sirimon, Judmaier, Shipton, Liki North Hut 7, Solo and Major public campsites.


  • Game viewing
  • Camping
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Cave Exploration


  • Drinking water, picnic items and camping equipment if you intend to stay overnight, walking boots, warm clothing, training shoes, socks, sandals and gaiters. Also useful are: binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and guidebooks.

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