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Semliki National Park (SMP) is situated in the extreme west of Uganda, in Bundibugyo district.  It lies along the Uganda/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border within the western arm of the East African Rift Valley.

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The park covers and area of almost 2,000 sq kms and lies between the Rwenzori Mountains to the east and Lake Edward to the west., approx 470kms from Kampala.

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The largest park in Uganda covering on area of over 3,840 sq kms, Murchinson Falls park is also one of the most famous for its scenic beauty, magnificent falls and high concentration of game. It is situated approximately 350 kms north west of Kampala.

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Lying 256 kms north east of Kampala, bordering with Kenya in eastern Uganda, Mt. Elgon covers an area of 1155 sq. kms. If offers a diverse variety of scenery, vegetation and cultures. Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano with a gradual slopes to the crater rim, lying at 4,321 metres above seal level.

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Lying along the western border of Uganda and covering an area of over 995 sq kms, named “Mountains of the Moon” for its mist-shrouded, snow-capped peaks. The mountain range has six peaks, carrying permanent snow and glaciers and offering spectacular scenery.

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Uganda’s smallest park, covering an area of just 34 sq kms, located on the south western tip of the country on the border with Congo (Zaire) and Rwanda, 510km from Kampala.

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Lake Mburo National Park covers an area of 260 sq km and is located 420kms south west of Kampala. It is one of the more popular parks, due to its relatively close location to Kampala, being particularly busy with city weekend visitors. The landscape consists mainly of savannah and the area contains four lakes.

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Located in the extreme North of the country bordering with Sudan and Kenya, Kipedo Valley National Park covers an area of 1,344 sq.km. Due to it’s remote location this park is less visited, but it has the most spectacular scenery of mountains and vast savannah landscapes.

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Located in western Uganda, covering an area of over 760 sq kms, Kibale Forest National Park lies 35 kms south of Fort Portal and adjoins with Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kibale is the perfect place to experience the true diversity of wildlife and flora found in a tropical rainforest.

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Lying in the south west of the country, 414 kms from Kampala, on the border with The Congo, the park covers an area of over 330 sq kms. As the name dictates – this park real African jungle area, with dense undergrowth, vines and a wide variety of flowers and aphrodisiac plants.

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