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Mt. Kilimanjaro is not only the highest mountain in Africa but also one of the most unique environments on the planet. From the glaciers and strange ice formations of the summit, to the prehistoric plant life of the upper slopes and down to the tropical jungle of the foothills, Kilimanjaro is an unforgettable experience – even for those who do not ascent to the top. There are five routes to the summit, the most popular being the Marangu route. During the five day climb (3 days up, 2 days down), one can witness the 5 zones of the National Park. The lower slopes which are cultivated, the tropical rain forest, alpine moorlands, highland desert and finally the summit. Accommodation on the climb is in huts on the Marangu route and on other routes in high altitude tents. The mountain can be climbed by any healthy body and almost any time of the year, though the best period is from August to November.