An upcountry house design, Emin Pasha consists of the main hotel and 20 rooms of varying sizes and styles. The shared areas include a reception, restaurant, lounge area, bar, upstairs and downstairs terraces, swimming pool, spa and a variety of garden patios. Plush, comfortable, the restaurant, bar and lounge complex open out onto the garden, and the menu is a fusion of European, African and Asian cuisines – all a la carte. While very occasionally traveler feedback expresses some concern with either the food or the service, the response to Emin Pasha has been overwhelmingly good. Much is made by guests of the hotel’s ambience, which together with the garden, architecture and largely fine service, makes for a very pleasant stay.

The sleeping rooms are accessed from the garden. Most have a balcony, and all possess comfortable double or twin beds, hardwood furniture, well chosen lamps and handwoven rugs. The separate bedrooms vary according to room: some include sinks, flush toilets and showers, while others also have standalone Victorian baths. All rooms have wifi, air con and TV. Please be advised that, once a private property, it is inevitable that the Emin Pasha’s rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Impossible therefore to categorize in classes, it is important to remember that they will also come with an array of price tags, and that some are much smaller than one would have thought.

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