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Easy Go Safaris is a highly experienced specialist tour operator offering a tour operation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and in the neighboring countries. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients expectations are exceeded in all aspects of their travel experience. All our destinations and accommodation establishments have been selected by personally visiting and researching each supplier’s products. We make sure that we are offering our clients value and quality for their hard earned money! Contact us for any Kenya Tanzania Uganda safaris.

Agricultural Tours

A tour that will give you opportunities to meet farmers and people working within the agricultural field in East Africa. It may include small-scale family farms, large-scale commercial farms/ranches; and specific commodity interests such as crops or livestock, dairy, forestry, fruit, vegetables, and horticulture, along with conferences and events in the agribusiness sector.

Mountain Climbing

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest peak. Witness the ice-capped peaks after conquering its summit.

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest peak and it’s considering visually stunning because of their ice-capped peaks. Mount Kenya offers snow-capped peaks, desert plains, and a range of treks: from relaxed hill walks to to high altitude routes on alpine slopes. Mount Kenya offers plenty of challenges!

Mount outdoor enthusiasts may know the mighty peak of Mount Kenya, but there are many other climbing areas to be explored! While hiking to Mount Kenya’s summit, you’ll come across granite cliffs and volcanic rock towers before facing the ultimate challenge: a technical assault on Africa’s second highest summit.

The 3 highest peaks in Mount Kenya: Batian (5200m) and Nelion (5188m) require some technical climbing, it’s usually to Lenana (4985m) that trekkers head to. The ascent is exhilarating its diversity will keep you engaged. Since it’s the second most popular, Mount Kenya has less hikers than the Kilimanjaro. Many would argue that Mount Kenya, even though its not as high as the Kilimanjaro, is certainly more interesting!

The Chogoria/ Sirimon Route offers the best combination of alpine scenery and acclimatization as you’ll ascend via the spectacular Lake Michaelson and Lake Ellis to the trekking peak of Kenya, at Point Lenana (4985m). Then you’ll head north where you’ll descend the stunning Sirimon trail with dramatic views.

Wildlife Safaris

Explore the finest game parks on an amazing Kenya safari tour. Stay in the world-famous Masai Mara and experience superb wildlife viewing as well as the fascinating culture of the Masai people. Search out elephants, hippos, cheetahs, leopards and lions against the impressive backdrop of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. This is one African safari you’ll never forget.

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