Aberdare Country Club is a two-hour drive from Nairobi. Nestling on the slopes of Kamatongu hill, the cottages of Aberdare country club offer splendid views of the plains below with the Aberdare range of mountains to the west and Mt Kenya to the east. By air, The Aberdare Country Club is 1 mile from Mweiga airfield, 6 miles from Nyeri airstrip and a forty minute drive from Nanyuki airstrip.

The club now has 46 guest rooms situated on 1,300 acres of electrically fenced private land, home to several species of plains game. Aberdare Country Club is a popular weekend resort for Nairobi residents. The Club’s 1300-acre wildlife sanctuary abounds with Thompson and Grant’s gazelles, zebras, giraffes and the more reclusive leopards. It is a haven of unhurried charm set in a garden bursting with profusion of color, with peacocks stalking the green lush lawns. At the Aberdare Country Club, you can walk or ride through this unspoilt paradise, play a round of golf – watched by a family of warthog, fish for trout, play tennis or just relax by the pool or in the beautiful gardens.